11 May 2011

Wikileaks and drug policies

Wikileaks has published cables on negotiations between the EU and the US on drug policies within the UN machinery dating back to 2009. For most non-specialists it is probably too obscure to get into. For those of you who know what harm reduction means and how important it is in the long road to replace simple prohibition by something less fundamentalist, read http://wikileaks.ch/cable/2009/01/09UNVIEVIENNA31.html. It gives a clear picture of (quite acceptable) diplomatic efforts to divide and pressurise the opposition. The sad thing is that they were not entirely unsuccessful in the end, mainly due to Sweden and Italy (and some other member states) breaking the EU consensus in the end. Not for the first time the EU dropped its pants before the whole world. On another occasion there was a counter-declaration led by Germany. When some Commission staff present were seen to applaud this I was taken aside by the Swedish delegate and told that this was unacceptable behaviour, that the the Commission was not supposed to have an opinion and that Sweden was considering making a complaint to Barroso. My reply was to encourage her to read the EU treaties on the subject and that I would serenely wait for the Commission's President to summon me to his presence. He never did. 

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Well done! Resist them at every opportunity!

Posted by: Voletear | 18 August 2011

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