03 May 2011

Small US operation, not many dead...

The death of Bin Laden is no doubt a welcome element of closure to many of his victims. It is also the end of a man who gave one of the world's great religions a bad name. It is not however the end of Al Quaida, which has scattered like mercury from a broken thermometer to regroup in unlikely places. Nor does it mean that the West has won; Bin Laden's point was that ours is a decadent and immoral society; if we do not at least reflect on the difference between political assassination and "justice", as much of the media call his death, he may have had a point. The increasingly surreal situation of the Western military in Afghanistan should also remind us why the US went in there in the first place: to get Osama. I wonder if his death is also a comfort to all the American and European mothers of soldiers who died in Afghanistan.

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